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Who We Are

Calvin Theological Seminary is a Reformed seminary that is globally recognized for its theological richness.

Calvin Theological Seminary embraces a holistic form of education that attends to the character, spiritual, and vocational formation of students.


  • Gail Ashmore1

    Songs of Redemption

    “The opportunity to be ministered to by our denomination’s pastors-in-training in such a holistic way, while feeling alienated from each oth...

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  • Screen Shot 2021 10 21 at 12 15 50 PM

    My Calling

    On the floor of Synod in 1996 a group of bright-eyed candidates was approved for the ministry of the Word in the CRCNA. That year, for the f...

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  • Avila

    Mariano Avila On Reading Scripture and Being Read By Scripture --

    Cory Willson talks with Mariano Avila about the importance of reading both Scripture and our context together in mutually enriching ways.

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