Volume 27 - Number 1 - Summer 2019

Partnering Together

Christian Schools International (CSI) and Calvin Theological Seminary are very excited to announce that they are partnering together to offer Christian school Bible teachers an amazing opportunity.

Available summer 2019, teachers will be able to enroll in an online program at Calvin Theological Seminary for a graduate certificate in Bible instruction. The fully online, 15-credit program has courses that have been carefully selected with the K–12 Christian school Bible teacher in mind. Additionally, with year-round courses available, including summer options, and the opportunity for scholarships, the certificate program is designed to fit the full lives of teachers. This program is the result of very intentional discussions and feedback CSI has been having with administrators and Bible teachers in their member schools.

Teacher training varies among educational institutions, and not all teachers in a Christian school come from a Christian college or have the same training in biblical studies. Yet, most Christian schools require and/or expect a strong knowledge of biblical worldview and the Bible to be incorporated into their teaching.

Rachael Heyboer, Director of Product Development at CSI, states the goal of the partnership in this way: “What this certificate provides is an ability to give the support and additional knowledge base to already amazing teachers of faith that boosts their instruction to the next level and helps strengthen the Christian school community to meet their mission and values as they serve the next generation of Christ followers.”

Aaron Einfeld, Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management at Calvin Seminary agrees. “We are thrilled to support Bible teachers in their sacred task of encouraging vibrant faith development in their students,” says Einfeld. “A core part of our mission has always been to equip students with the ability to read, interpret, and apply the Bible to living a Christian life. Our faculty have committed their lives to rigorous study of the Bible. We anticipate that this new certificate program will bring vibrancy to the lives of Bible teachers as well as their students.”

For more information on the program and partnership, including how to apply, visit

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