The Table

  • Cory Willson and Matthew Kaemingk on Work and Worship --

    The gap between Sunday and Monday often feels wider than it looks on a calendar. Many Christians struggle to connect their worship with thei...

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  • Christina Edmondson on Faithful Anti-Racism --

    The events of recent months have laid bare the pervasive stain of racism in public life. Christina Edmondson talks with John Witvliet about ...

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  • Karin Maag on Being Called to be a Scholar --

    Karin Maag, director of the H. Henry Meeter Center for Calvin Studies and professor of church history at Calvin Seminary, speaks with studen...

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  • Mary Vanden Berg on Science and Theology -- Resound

    Mary Vanden Berg, professor of systematic theology at Calvin Seminary, speaks with Scott Hoezee about her research in 2018 at the Henry Cent...

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  • John Algera and David Beelen on Urban Ministry -- Resound

    President Medenblik interviews John Algera and David Beelen about what they’ve learned in lifelong callings to urban ministry. Algera and Be...

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  • Amanda Benckhuysen on the Gospel According to Eve -- Resound --

    Over the centuries, women have read and interpreted the biblical story of Eve, scrutinizing the details of the text to discern God's word fo...

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  • Resound #17 -- Rachael Denhollander on

    Understanding--Forgiveness and Justice

    When she stood in a Michigan courtroom last year to make the last of 156 victim impact statements in the sentencing hearing for her abuser, ...

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  • #16 – Nicholas Kristof on

    Covering the World for--the New York Times

    Nicholas Kristof has spent a career in journalism telling stories from places that few of his readers have ever been, and few would otherwis...

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  • Resound Episode #15

    Mary Vermeer Andringa on Faith, Family, and Leadership

    Mary Andringa’s pioneering career in business has been built on a foundation of faith, family, and community. In this conversation she refle...

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