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  • FAQ: Seminary Questions at Every Step of the Process, Answered

    Learning About Seminary What Is Seminary? A seminary is a graduate school focusing on matters of religion and faith. Christian theological ...

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  • Should I Go to Seminary?

    You may be discerning whether you are called to seminary. We pray this page will offer thoughtful questions and answers to help you through ...

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  • Divinity School vs. Seminary vs. Bible College

    When it comes to theological education, you have several options. Many wonder what the difference is between Bible colleges, theological sem...

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  • A Milestone for the Calvin Prison Initiative

    The Calvin Prison Initiative is well known in Michigan educational circles, but now it is recognized at the national level as well. James Kv...

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  • When Seminary Surprises

    With one semester of undergraduate study left, Ruan Bessa was ready for the next step in his ministry formation. That’s precisely when his f...

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  • Danjuma G. Gibson on How to Read Biographies for Deep Transformation --

    Our common practices of learning in the church and university privilege cognition over affect and leave the posture of the learner as “detac...

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  • The Most Important Day of Synod

    As a leader in the Christian Reformed Church in North America, I have been asked by a number of people, “What is going to happen at Synod?” ...

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  • A Commencement to Remember

    Calvin Prison Initiative Hosts In-Person Graduation

    On May 9, 2022, Calvin Prison Initiative students participated in an extraordinary commencement ceremony at the Richard J. Handlon Correctio...

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  • Calvin Seminary

    Welcomes Dr. Yudha Thianto

    Grand Rapids, MI (May 2022) — Calvin Theological Seminary (CTS) welcomes Dr. Yudha Thianto, set to join the seminary faculty in fall of 2022...

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