The Table

  • Resound Episode #6

    Gary Burge on Navigating the Paths of the Holy Land

    Tracing the paths of biblical history in the Holy Land gives new dimensions to our reading of Scripture. But today, Israel and Palestine lie...

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  • Resound Episode #5

    Justo González and Mariano Avila on the Future of Latino Theological Education

    Justo González is one of the world’s leading theologians, and a prominent voice in calling the

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  • Resound Episode #4

    Karin Maag on the Legacy of the Reformation

    What is the legacy of the Protestant Reformation, five centuries after it began? What signs

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  • Resound Episode #3

    Mary Hulst on Practical Wisdom for Preaching

    n her new book A Little Handbook for Preachers: Ten Practical Ways to a Better Sermon

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  • Resound Episode #2

    Richard Mouw on Loving Your Neighbor

    Richard Mouw talks about forming ‘standing alongside of’ and ‘listening to’ relationships in the service of the Gospel at the Loving Your Ne...

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  • Resound Episode #1

    N.T. Wright on Real Gospel Hope

    N.T. Wright talks with John Witvliet about the full dimensions of the gospel and resurrection hope.

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