The Table

  • Supporting Students So They Can Pursue Their Calling

    Together, Calvin Seminary, individual donors, and local churches invest in emerging leaders so that they can be un-hindered to follow God's ...

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  • Resound Episode #15

    Mary Vermeer Andringa on Faith, Family, and Leadership

    Mary Andringa’s pioneering career in business has been built on a foundation of faith, family, and community. In this conversation she refle...

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  • Preparation

    An open suitcase brings this question -- “What do I need to bring for this trip?”

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  • Resound Episode #16

    Danjuma Gibson on Frederick Douglass, Oppression, and Hope

    Frederick Douglass escaped slavery to become one of the most important authors of the 19th

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  • Resound Episode #13

    Catherine Gonzalez on Breaking Down Barriers to Women in Ministry and Theological Education

    Catherine Gonzalez has spent a lifetime answering God’s call to break down barriers to female

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  • Resound Episode #12

    Matthew Kaemingk on Interfaith Hospitality in an Age of Fear

    Why do some North American Christians choose fear over hospitality? What would radical hospitality as Christian discipleship look like in in...

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  • Resound Episode #11

    Paul Lim on Loving Your Immigrant and Refugee Neighbor

    Countries around the world are wrestling with the issue of immigration. Churches are too. What does it mean to answer Jesus’ call to love yo...

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  • Leadership Learnings

    This past August, Geoff Vandermolen, Dave Beelen and I took a number of students to the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit.

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  • Resound Episode #10

    Jeff Sajdak and Aaron Einfeld on Smartphones and Spiritual Health

    What do smartphones have to do with our spiritual health? Calvin Seminary recently held a Smartphone Retreat to discern as a community the w...

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