Resound Episode #3

Mary Hulst on Practical Wisdom for Preaching

This article appears in the Resound Podcast edition of the Calvin Seminary Forum

In her new book A Little Handbook for Preachers: Ten Practical Ways to a Better Sermon by Sunday, Mary Hulst offers wisdom from a career of preaching and teaching preaching, on everything from the logistics of preparing to preach to reflections on the meaning and purpose of preaching. She has insights, encouragement, and ideas to offer pastors who preach sermons and listeners who hear them, calling the church to delve deeply into Scripture.

Mary Hulst is Chaplain at Calvin College. She is a graduate of Calvin Theological Seminary and former senior pastor at Eastern Avenue Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She holds a PhD in communication ethics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She is a former professor of Communication Arts and Sciences at Calvin College and professor or preaching at Calvin Seminary.

Laura de Jong is a pastor at Second Christian Reformed Church in Grand Haven, Michigan.

Show Notes