Mariano Avila On Reading Scripture and Being Read By Scripture

This article appears in the Resound Podcast edition of the Calvin Seminary Forum

In this episode we listen in to the debut of the new Theology from the Road Podcast from the Institute for Global Church Planting and Renewal. Cory Willson talks with Mariano Avila about the importance of reading both Scripture and our context together in mutually enriching ways. What happens when we draw in the pressing issues and questions from our society into our reading of Scripture? How might this shape the urgency of our quest as we pursue God's shalom in our context? How might our reading of the Scripture raised questions about the present arrangement of our lives and our society? If the first line of inquiry helps ensure that we bring urgent questions to our reading of Scripture, this latter approach explores how Scripture reads or interprets us. This conversation features personal, pastoral and warm theological reflections on these important questions.