Student Resources

Resources and Tools to Help Students Succeed

The Student Resource page brings together many of the tools you will use as a student.


Your student profile on Populi is where you will take care of a number of administrative tasks, including: pay your tuition and rent, accept your financial aid, register for courses, review your grades, and update your information.


Canvas is a sophisticated Learning Management System, that students use in conjunction with their course work. Student can use Canvas to access readings, assignments, projects, conversations, and a variety of learning tasks. Your Populi sign-in will also be used for Canvas.

Scripture Study App

Calvin Seminary students, alumni, and others use this cloud-based tool to support their biblical studies. Developed by John Dyer of the Digital Bible Society, students can access this insightful resource wherever they have an internet connection.


Though it being phased out with the development of the new website, SemLink is still a rich resource full of helpful links and documents. If you can't find what you are looking for, a search of SemLink may help you find what you need.