Building Renovations

Updates and FAQ for Staff & Faculty

We are now at a pivotal phase of planning the actual work to begin in Summer 2021, having completed the construction documents, remodel cost estimates, and selected a construction firm - Rockford Construction - for the work. The actual remodel/renovation phase starts in mid- May 2021, which means having to move out of offices to allow for the work to begin. In this regard, this announcement serves to inform you about the renovation/remodel phase, how it will affect your office areas, and the arrangements we are making to help you continue working with minimum disruptions.

Below are answers to some of the questions you may have:

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this remodel project affect me and my office? Do I need to move?
The remodel affects all staff and faculty offices areas to some degree based on the scope of work that is to be completed in your office area. For instance, faculty offices will have new carpeting and painting, while other offices, such as the ones in the Student Center area, will have some demolition and construction of walls. Therefore, all faculty and staff will need to be relocated to a temporary office or work from home for different lengths of time, ranging from a few weeks to a few months. As soon as a final schedule is available, each of you will receive instructions about moving from your office as well as receive the support to move.
What is the tentative schedule and timeline of the remodel?
Phase 1A & Alternate 1: May - July 2021: Chapel, classrooms, all faculty offices, entrance K foyer & the courtyard. Phase 1B: May - September, 2021: Student Center, Entrance A area including IT Office, Computer Room. Phase 2: September - December, 2021: Covenant Room, President’s office suite, offices between Entrance J and K, auditorium, and the Upper Room. We will be able to give you exact dates when your office will be required to be relocated once we have talked to the construction company in the next two weeks. We anticipate that the remodel will begin on May 17th, 2021.
Building Remodel Schedule
What happens to my files and contents of my office?
Your files and office will be relocated to your new temporary location to enable you to do your work with minimal disruptions. Office files and contents that are not needed on a daily basis will be stored in locked containers outside the building or somewhere in the building.
What resources/assistance can I have for relocating the contents of my office?
Jim Lakin will provide you with boxes for storage and carts for moving and will also provide the assistance to move your file cabinets to a new location. Please contact Jim for moving resources.
What technical assistance is available for relocating so I can maintain access to the systems I need?
Daryl Boersema is working to install internet access and other technology needed so that you can access your files and be able to continue to work with minimum disruption. Contact Daryl for more information.
Where is my office or desk in the meantime?
We plan to assign staff and faculty into three categories of office locations: a) The Current CTS Building A few staff members will have their offices relocated to a different part of the Seminary building. These include staff members who’s work cannot be done remotely and need to be present in the building to serve students and staff/faculty. b) Relocate to 3300 Burton Building Staff and faculty who need an office space can use the office building across the street, which has 13 work stations that have internet access. For phone access, you will be able to forward your calls to your cell phone and receive messages through your computer. Computers and file cabinets will be available. For further information on phones/computers, please contact Daryl Boersema. c) Work from Home Some faculty and staff members may be able to work from home during the weeks when their offices are under renovation. Further conversations should be had with your supervisor for this option.
When this is done, where is my office located and when do I get to "move back in?"
We anticipate that the remodel will be completed in phases and as such, movement back to your renovated offices will be phased as well. Faculty members will remain in their current offices while staff members, as noted in conversations with Integrated Architecture team and the Renovation Team, already have their assigned offices in the building. Staff members have all been informed about their new office locations.
Office furniture: What does it look like and can I pick out my chair?
We are currently working with the Integrated Architecture design team to review and select office and classroom furniture. To this end, Jim Lakin had invited staff and faculty to review office, classroom, and collaborative space chairs and to provide feedback. The selection of furniture will, therefore, be based on the information that has been collected from the survey and from conversations with staff and faculty representatives (Dean of the Faculty/Associate Dean). This is still ongoing and we will update you on the furniture options as we move forward.
What will you do with the old furniture? Can faculty or staff members take a chair or table?
We will give staff and faculty an opportunity to take a piece of furniture (e.g. tables, desks, and chairs) considering availability, and instead of purchasing, we will invite you to offer a donation for the furniture. Please contact Jim Lakin for more information.

Moving Ahead, Packing Details and Suggestions

For those in the Student Center Area:

The plan is to be out of the Student Area by April 15. I was hoping that you would have everything boxed up that you want to store by that date. Please box using the boxes provided so it will make it easier to stake. The plan is to put anything you want to store on skids, prior to storing we will wrap them with plastic. I have a sticker to identify who’s box it is and where it goes.

If you move to 3300 desk space is in the form of office cubicles with space, but limited. Please take only what you need for the next 4 months. The office is lockable but that would be the extent of security. I will give keys to anyone who is going to 3300, one for the building front door, one for the smaller office suite (104), and one for the larger suite (105).

Whatever computer you currently use will go with you to 3300. Daryl will be transporting and setting up computers at 3300 along with a VPN so you can remote into the CTS Server.

There is plenty of parking at 3300 so your cars can be parked there. Parking will be at a premium at the seminary due to construction.


First suggestion is to relax and enjoy the process, looking forward to the future outcome-A completely remodeled seminary building! If you need help of any kind during the pack up; lighting, carrying, storing, etc. please let Jim Lakin know. Even though we can’t take away all the stress, the goal of the facility Department is to make this remodel as stress free as possible.

Use as many boxes as you need, please leave them stacked in your office if you have room, we will stack them on skids for storage.

This would be a great time to purge anything that you don’t use or needJ Let’s make it contest to see how much stuff we can get rid of, but not too much, we don’t want the building floating awayJ

There will be a dumpster for larger items that you want to throw out, Let Jim Lakin know so his team can help move heavier items.

As you purge files and papers there will be bins around the building for sensitive materials that need to be shredded, as well as the shred boxes we have in the work rooms (3 of them). When is doubt throw it in shred.

Please take valuables home with you or pack them in storage boxes, bubble wrap is available for break sensitive objects.

Once Rockford is fully on board we will let you know a schedule as soon as we can, until then first out will be the Student Center Area.

Our 3300 Burton building is ready to be occupied, Jim Lakin has keys for whoever will be moving to that location.

Again if you have any questions please contact Jim Lakin, call or text 616-550-9061, email