Professor of Systematic Theology

Mary L. Vanden Berg


Mary Vanden Berg joined the faculty of Calvin Theological Seminary on July 1, 2008. She has taught as an adjunct professor at Kuyper College, Western Theological Seminary, and Calvin Theological Seminary. Her graduate work focused on atonement theology. Mary’s goal as a professor is to not only help her students understand the truths of theology, which can often seem abstract and difficult, but also to help them understand that theological understanding and piety are intimately intertwined.

Mary lives in Hudsonville, Michigan with her husband, Skip. She has three married children and three grandchildren. She enjoys hiking, camping and downhill skiing. She also writes on her blog: Life, God, and Other Mysteries.

Courses Taught

  • Christian Theology in Reformed Confessions
  • Systematic Theology
“My students will tell you that I always ask the ‘So what?’ question. When I teach a concept, no matter how abstract it might seem, I try to give my students an idea of why it’s helpful for ministry, for understanding God, and for moving through life…My kids have taught me that if it doesn’t touch them in some way, what good is it?”

By Mary Vanden Berg

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About Mary Vanden Berg

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Speaking Topics

Speaking Topics

Prayer: The Chief Exercise of Faith

Disappointment, Despair, and God

Basic Christianity: The Niceano-Constantinopolitan Creed

Loving Your Neighbor With Dementia

Covenant as the Foundation of Renewed Community

Make Me Like a Tree: A Look at Psalm 1


B.S. (Calvin College, 1981)
M.T.S (Calvin Theological Seminary, 2002)
Ph.D (Calvin Theological Seminary, 2008)