Professor of New Testament, Director of Latino/a Ministries

Mariano Avila-Arteaga


Mariano Avila was born in México City, where he served as pastor of six Presbyterian churches. He has also served in the Seminary of the National Presbyterian Church as professor, academic dean, and president, and was professor of Biblical Studies at the Comunidad Teológica de México. He was Academic Dean of the Facultad Latinoamericana de Estudios Teológicos (Miami, Florida), and is a member of the Academic Council of PRODOLA, the doctoral program (Ph.D.) for professors, leaders, and pastors in Latin America. For several years he was coordinator of urban ministries for community transformation and theological adviser for World Vision México, and was also advisor for the Spanish ministry of CRC Publications.

Mariano was a member of the Biblical Translation Committee (International Bible Society) that produced the Nueva Versión Internacional and also he is one of the translators of the Traducción en Lenguaje Actual (United Bible Societies), a translation in contemporary Spanish from the original languages. He has translated books from English and Portuguese into Spanish, and has published a good number of articles and books. His most recent publications in Spanish are Entre Dios y el Cesar: Líderes evangélicos y política en México (Between God and Cesar: Evangelical leaders and politics in Mexico), and Carta a los Efesios. Comentario para exégesis y traducción(Letter to the Ephesians. A Commentary for exegesis and translation). Prof. Avila teaches, lectures and preaches in different seminaries and churches in the Americas and other parts of the world. Mariano’s rich experience in pastoral and teaching ministries, Bible translation, community transformation, and the academic world has equipped him to effectively train students for ministry.

Mariano Avila is married to Rosa María and has two married adult sons, Mariano III to Kate and Luis to Amanda, and one grandson, Luis Jr.

“In my own experience as a pastor, educator and also in training others for diverse ministries, I found that there are three sine qua non tools for a significant ministry in our complex world: a solid knowledge and love for Scriptures, a well articulated Reformed world and life view, and a good understanding of the cultural, social, and political realities we want to transform so that they may express Jesus’ Lordship over all of creation. I am convinced that God’s gifts to his Church are well equipped servant leaders who will lead and train God’s people for service in a world that urgently needs salvation, justice, reconciliation, and shalom." —Mariano Avila

Courses Taught

  • New Testament Narratives
  • Biblical Interpretation for Ministry
  • Matthew
  • Ephesians

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    Speaking Topics

    Christian Living:

    Hospitality: Our Christian response to Immigrants
    Hospitalidad: Nuestra respuesta cristiana ante los inmigrantes

    New Testament:

    The Message of Ephesians for Today
    El mensaje de Efesios para las iglesias de hoy

    Discipleship in the Gospel of Matthew for the Church today
    El discipulado en el evangelio de Mateo y la iglesia actual

    On Being Reformed:

    The Latin American accent of our Reformed Identity
    El acento latinoamericano de nuestra identidad Reformada


    A Biblical Perspective on Worship
    Una perspectiva bíblica sobre la adoración cristiana


    B.A.Th. Licenciatura en Teología. (Seminario Teológico Juan Calvino, 1975)
    M. Div. Licenciatura en Teología. (Universidad Evangélica de las Américas, 2003)
    Th.M. (Calvin Theological Seminary, 1980) M.A. His. (Temple University, 1991)
    Ph.D. (Westminster Theological Seminary, 1996)
    Ph.D. (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Xochimilco, México)