Lea Wilkening

MDiv student
Oakville, Ontario

Lea Wilkening holds many roles, including: actor and improv artist, former accountant and current hockey fan, preacher and writer, member of church and Christian school leadership, spouse and parent.

She is rooted in her community and intentional about the commitments she makes. That’s why distance learning at Calvin Seminary makes sense as she pursues a calling in parish ministry.

“I have been able to work, continue serving in my community and my family can continue in their school and work environments,” says Lea. “Pursuing full time ministry is a commitment of the entire family and allowing them to stay in one place during seminary has lessened the burden on us all.”

She’s also been able to continue experiencing the diversity of Toronto while interacting with fellow MDiv students from around the globe.

“As the Greater Toronto Area has grown into one of the most diverse communities in the world, the world is coming to Toronto,” she explains. “The distance program has allowed me to learn about my community and invited me into learning conversations with a rich diversity of faith communities and cultures.”

“My favorite part of the distance program has been the practical projects which allow me to study, learn from, and prepare to serve the community in which I am currently called.”

For polymath Lea, it has also been encouraging to see experience ministry formation firsthand—formation that goes beyond the transactional aspects of some programs and sets Calvin Seminary apart.

“I appreciated Calvin’s approach to forming the whole person for ministry,” Lea said. “Not simply the particular tasks of preaching and pastoral care, but also my formation for the ministry.”