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Discover how your gift will impact Calvin Seminary with these special giving opportunities:

Buy a Brick
We all have stories to tell. Someone somewhere loved us when we needed it the most. The grandparent whose prayers we still remember. The pastor who helped us really grasp the gospel for the first time. The friend whose support was the strong presence of Christ when we felt lost or abandoned. Looking back, we see their love as a mark of that “irresistible grace” that drew us deeper into God’s Kingdom.

GardenThe Veenstra Legacy Garden marks the redesigned front entrance of Calvin Seminary. It guides the way for guests and it celebrates God’s gift of people whose compelling love He orchestrated. So whose love was God’s gift to you? Tell the stories; celebrate the gift. Dedicate a brick in the Veenstra Legacy Garden.
Click here to order a brick.

Mission Builder
In order for the Christian Reformed Church to reach her 200th anniversary, it will require a strong seminary that is leading the way by producing thoroughly reformed, sharp, and engaging preachers and leaders that teach our children and our children’s children the Word. Each Mission Builder is assisting with this mission through their financial support.

Mission Builder

A Mission Builder is a friend that is willing to commit $5,000 a year to our Annual Formation Fund for three consecutive years. This allows us to build stability into our yearly budget, keep tuition low, and help ensure that Calvin Seminary carries out her special mission for years to come.
Contact Bob Knoor for more information.

Monthly Giving
Become a monthly giver by joining our Circle of Faith. By donating a monthly gift, your faithful support helps in the wide stewardship of our budget as you join a circle of friends who care about Calvin Seminary. View the different giving levels below:
Become a Partner

"It is a privilege to study the Christian faith and a joy to learn how to really live it out."
- Jennifer Palkowski
"I appreciate the well-balanced combination of academic studies with practicality."
- David Shin
"God is forming me for ministry."
- Joella Ranaivoson
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