Giving Hearts
New Scholarships

The number of scholarships available to students is growing. Here is a list of new scholarships since 2013:

  • Kenneth and Shirlee Achterhof Family Scholarship
  • Anonymous Canadian Scholarship
  • Arnold, Elva, and Doris Bakker Fund for Evangelism Education
  • Rev. Paul E. and Margery Bakker Appreciation Scholarship
  • William and Gertrude (Tenckinck) De Mots Scholarship
  • Patricia S. Duthler Merit Scholarship in Preaching
  • Martin and Ruthanne Dykstra Scholarship
  • Fulton, Illinois RiverBend Scholarship
  • Dr. Donald and Martheen Griffioen Urban Ministry Scholarship
  • Mark and Kristine Huizenga Distance Learning Travel Award
  • Bill and Gloria Katt Leadership Scholarship
  • Susan Keesen and Andrew Vander Ploeg Presidential Scholarship
  • Larry and Christine Kieft Family Scholarship
  • Knoor Family Scholarship
  • Gerrit and Ruth Koedoot International Students Scholarship
  • Harold and Julia Kraker Scholarship
  • John and Claire Kromminga Family Scholarship
  • John and Marge Kuiper Family Scholarship
  • Lantinga Family Doctoral Scholarship
  • Staff Leadership Scholarship
  • John H. Stek Doctoral Chair in Old Testament Studies
  • Calvin Seminary Scholarship for Sully CRC
  • Sun Light Foundation Canadian Presidential Scholarship
  • Classis Thornapple Valley Endowed Presidential Scholarship
  • Toledo Hanmi Korean Church Award
  • Treasuries of God Scholarship
  • Trinity Christian College Presidential Scholarship
  • Vander Haag’s Inc. Presidential Scholarship
  • Dr. Henry Zwaanstra Scholarship
"It is a privilege to study the Christian faith and a joy to learn how to really live it out."
- Jennifer Palkowski
"I appreciate the well-balanced combination of academic studies with practicality."
- David Shin
"God is forming me for ministry."
- Joella Ranaivoson
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