Giving Hearts
Words of gratitude

IMG_0263“The scholarship I received means I can focus less on the many distractions that can crop up during Seminary, one of which is cost. Instead, I can pour my focus into my classes, my theological formation, and my pastoral development. This scholarship is a very real and tangible act of Christian love by the donors who funded it. My time here at Calvin Seminary has taught me the tools, skills, and attitudes that I need for ministry. I know every hour spent here is forming me, shaping me, and preparing me for a future in ministry.”
Bryant DeKruyter
Hometown: Dearborn, Michigan
Program: Master of Divinity, Class of 2015


Huizenga family cropped“It has been a privilege and honor to serve on the Calvin Theological Seminary Donor Council.  During one of the meetings I (Mark) heard a presentation featuring the distance learning program.  I was impressed that this program was able to provide a high quality education to students around the world and also create a model of accountability requiring students to physically spend time at the seminary twice per year.  One of the goals of this online program is to help students maintain their relationships where they are currently serving and ultimately work to spread the gospel in their area. One story that stood out to me was of a student living in Singapore who was interested in studying at Calvin Seminary through the distance learning program. This student was able to afford the tuition but was unable to pay for the required visits to Calvin Seminary twice per year.  I returned home and told my wife about this need and we both knew that we needed to help create a travel scholarship for students in this situation. We appreciate the teaching, training, and mentoring the seminary offers but felt we needed to help if the cost of the trip to the United States was holding back students from enrolling. What an exciting way to assist others in sharing our love and belief in Jesus Christ within their communities across the globe. It is our hope that others will learn about this travel scholarship and want to help others.”

Mark and Kris Huizenga
Walker, Michigan

"It is a privilege to study the Christian faith and a joy to learn how to really live it out."
- Jennifer Palkowski
"I appreciate the well-balanced combination of academic studies with practicality."
- David Shin
"God is forming me for ministry."
- Joella Ranaivoson
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