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Photo #3“We started a scholarship at Calvin Seminary because our hearts go out to the students. Scholarship support makes education possible for many students today. We want God’s work to continue, and we want Calvin Seminary to grow. We think it’s the center of where the Christian Reformed Church is headed. We’re also delighted that the seminary started the Center for Excellence in Preaching, because excellent preaching is vital to the future of the church. We’ve been blessed by hearing the students’ vision for ministry, and we’re happy to do what we can to help others and spread the Word of God.”

                                                        Tom and Evelyne Kapteyn
                                                        Grand Haven, Michigan



“We included Calvin Seminary in our estate plan because we are convinced that it offers now and will offer in the future a superb place for people to be trained for the gospel ministry from a Reformed viewpoint. We have supported our family scholarship at Calvin Seminary for 20 years and plan to continue to do so, along with providing support to the Seminary itself.”

John and Judy Steigenga
Grand Rapids, Michigan




Veenstra1“Several years ago we were approached by Calvin Theological Seminary to fund a scholarship to support a seminarian in need of tuition assistance. While contemplating this, we thought about the sizeable debt incurred by a hopeful seminarian upon completion of college even before seminary and that most likely many will have a family to support as well; a daunting responsibility.

“We reconsidered our lives that began with little debt but with modest monetary resources and how hard we worked to make ends meet with three children. This involved more than one job and our days began early, finishing late six days a week and continuing for many years. Nonetheless we were indeed blessed. God provided for our needs abundantly and granted us health and work. To God we give all glory.

“With this in mind, we determined that our help with a seminarian’s tuition would greatly decrease their financial burden while providing them more time to dedicate to their studies; devoting themselves fully to their formation for ministry. We believe it is crucial that our children and grandchildren receive the same rich blessings as we have; sound, biblical, engaging preaching by meaningful church leaders, and a place where they can again renew themselves and be filled with God’s grace and love.

“What better way to show our gratitude to God for his faithfulness and at the same time leave a legacy for future generations? We intend to follow through with this practice of supporting young people dedicated to becoming effective preachers faithful to Scripture.

“Recently, we requested that our children continue supporting our scholarship at Calvin Seminary after our passing. To accomplish this we reconstructed some estate planning by rolling our 401K-retirement plan into a charitable gift fund. From this our gift will continue for scholarships to Calvin Theological Seminary for those wishing to enter the ministry.”

Dewey and Wilma Veenstra
Pella, Iowa

"It is a privilege to study the Christian faith and a joy to learn how to really live it out."
- Jennifer Palkowski
"I appreciate the well-balanced combination of academic studies with practicality."
- David Shin
"God is forming me for ministry."
- Joella Ranaivoson
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