Chapel Livestreams


Fall 2022

Debbie Jin - Wednesday, Oct. 26 @ 10:00am
MDiv student Debbie Jin will be speaking on Matthew 6:10, "Your Will Be Done."
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Sarah VerMerris - Wednesday, Nov. 9 @ 10am
MDiv student Sarah VerMerris will be speaking on 1 Peter 2:11-17, "To Which Kingdom Do We Belong, Anyways?." We will be celebrating Lord's Supper together.
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Manuel Gallardo - Wednesday, Nov. 16 @ 10am
PhD student Manuel Gallardo will be speaking on Genesis 4, "Where Is Your Brother?."
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Edith Chemorion - Wednesday, Nov. 3 @ 10am
Our International Student Advisory Team will be leading our worship with MDiv student Edith Chemorion speaking.