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Making Theological Education Affordable

Investing in your Calling, from Start to Finish

Calvin Seminary is committed to helping students finance their ministry training so, in turn, they are free to:

Plan Without Fear

Study Without Setbacks

Serve Without Limits

Let us show you how this happens

Plan Without Fear

"How am I Going to Pay for Seminary"

Through the gracious financial support of our donors, Calvin Seminary is able to provide prospective students the financial support they need, allowing them to make an informed decision based on calling, not finances. Calvin Seminary aims to award these scholarships quickly, without any unnecessary hassle paperwork or requirements for the prospective student. A few highlights:


Total Scholarships Awarded Equalled Close To $1.5 Million

Scholarships are Often Renewable and Financial Aid Packages are Consistent from Year-to-year.


Almost all admitted, full-time, degree-seeking students receive a scholarship

We Have Scholarships Available To Support Our Diverse Student-Body, Including Scholarship for Women, Racial and Ethnic Minorities, and International Student

  • Nicole's Story

    Nicole, an MDiv student at Calvin Seminary, shares her story of listening to God's call while exploring if theological education was an affo...

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Study Without Setbacks

Will I Receive Support During Seminary?

Calvin Seminary continues this posture of support throughout a student's academic career. We do not use promises of scholarship to bring you in, only to drop awarded support after the first year. Instead, we know students often have more questions about their personal finances after they begin and the realities of being a student set in. We are here to help!

For residential students: Your on-campus experience is designed with student affordability in mind.

  • Seminary housing is subsidized to keep costs lower than other options in Grand Rapids.
  • All utilities are bundled into student housing costs to make budgeting easier.
  • Financial education programming is available to help students make smart financial decisions.
  • On-campus resources provide food, clothing, and other items at low or no cost for qualifying seminary students and their families.

For distance students: Your distance learning program is constructed to maximize your impact and your dollar, allowing you to take courses while also working.

  • From the way students engage in class to the design of on-campus intensives, our distance programs allow space for paid work even as you maintain a “full-time” student status for swift program progress and maximum financial assistance.

For all students:

  • Calvin Seminary offers online resources and education that provides education and support whether you are on campus or on the other side of the world!
  • Our financial aid director is available to work closely with you to promote your financial success during seminary.

Kim shares her story of attending Calvin Seminary:

Serve Without Limits

"Will I be financially prepared for life and work after seminary?"

Because of these efforts and others, we hope Calvin Seminary graduates leave Calvin Seminary, not only prepared for the complexities of a ministry calling, but also free to pursue their vocational callings without the heavy burden of excessive debt.

  • More than 80% of our graduating, first-level master degree (M.Div., M.A., M.T.S.) students graduated without any federal debt incurred at Calvin Seminary, and more than 60% graduated with no incurred debt of any kind.
  • There are options for U.S. and Canadian students to obtain loans through Calvin Seminary that may be partially forgivable, keeping debt levels low.

Bryant, a Calvin Seminary Alumni, shares his story of attending Calvin Seminary:

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