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Application Requirements

General: The Registrar’s Office, with oversight from the Admissions and Standards Committee, will examine the academic, professional and ministry background of each applicant. If it is determined that an applicant would benefit from further study in a particular area, a learning plan will be developed which could include specific seminary electives or additional courses from another academic institution.

The Ecclesiastical Program for Ministerial Candidacy (EPMC):
Designed for those who have earned their M.Div. degree at a seminary other than Calvin Theological Seminary, and desire to become candidates in the Christian Reformed Church. It can be engaged in-residence or via distance learning. To apply for the program, or for more information, please visit the CRCNA candidacy website.

MDiv, MTS, and MA: Typically we require a bachelors degree (or its equivalent) from an accredited institution and have a grade point average of 2.67 (B-) or higher. Due to special circumstances, an applicant without a bachelor's degree may be considered, as is allowed by the Association of Theological Schools.

A strong liberal arts education provides an excellent foundation for graduate level theological education. A liberal arts education shapes well-rounded, intellectually and culturally astute graduates. Therefore, it is recommended that a candidate’s baccalaureate preparation consist of courses in the liberal arts, including English, philosophy, history, literature, social science and natural science.

ThM: A Master of Divinity, Master of Theological Studies, Bachelor of Divinity, or an equivalent degree, with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 (B), from an accredited institution. All applicants must show transcript evidence of at least two semesters each in Hebrew and Greek

Applicants with concentrations in Old or New Testament must pass a language proficiency exam in the applicable language. Applicants with a concentration in Preaching must have a verbal interview with the Director of Admissions

For more information on the ThM Admissions Process, please see the ThM Handbook.

PhD: A Master of Divinity, Master of Theological Studies, Master of Theology, or an equivalent degree, with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.3 (B+), from an accredited institution. All applicants must show transcript evidence that they know Hebrew, Greek, and a modern foreign language (preferably German, French, or Dutch). Applicants must also submit scores of the Graduate Record Examination and a research paper that demonstrates their ability to do theological research and analysis at an advanced level. Additionally, an Autobiography (250-500 word autobiography, focusing on personal history, academic/professional background, and church/ministry involvement) and a Statement of Purpose (500 words describing your academic interests and vocational goals in pursuing a PhD at Calvin Seminary) are required.

For more information on the PhD admissions process, please see the PhD Handbook.

DMin: Admissions to this program is limited, and thus there are no specific requirements. This programs has recommendations for potential applicants. Please review the DMin webpages for more information.

Non-native in English: Applicants who are not native English speakers must submit official TOEFL or IELTS exam results as a part of their application for admission. For the TOEFL, a minimum internet-based total score of 80 with a score of 23 in the writing section is required. For the IELTS, a minimum 6.5 overall and 6.5 in the writing section is required. Use Calvin Theological Seminary's institutional code 1096 to order scores. Any exceptions to this requirement are handled on a case by case basis. Earning a previous degree at an English speaking college or university does not automatically exempt someone from the TOEFL requirement.Non-native English speaking individuals from countries where English is an official language, who also complete their primary and secondary education in English are exempt from the requirement to send a TOEFL or IELTS score.

Application Deadlines By Start Term

ProgramFall SemesterSpring SemesterSummer Term
MDiv/MA/MTS/ThMPriority Scholarship Consideration: March 1November 15April 1
International Student Final: June 1
North American Student Final: July 1
PhDJanuary 15Not ApplicableN/A
DMinNot ApplicableMarch 1
CertificateAugust 1November 15April 1
Non-DegreeAugust 1November 15April 1
EPMCAugust 1November 15April 1

Application Materials

Below are the materials you will need to submit in order to be considered for admission in addition to the application itself. Your application will prompt you for these. Once all these items are submitted, your application is considered complete at which point it will be reviewed by admissions.

ProgramFee?Official Transcripts?References
MDiv/MA/MTS/ThM$50Yes4 (Church, Writing, Speaking, Personal)
DMin$75Yes3 (two from fellow ministry leaders, one writing)
Certificate in Ministry Leadership$25Yes1
Certificate in Bible Instruction$25Yes1 (Principal or Chief Administrator)
EPMC$25Yes4 (Church, Writing Speaking, Personal)

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