The Hekman Library of

Calvin Seminary and University

Serving both Calvin Seminary and University, The Hekman Library supports and supplements the academic work of Calvin Theological Seminary students.

Theological Resources

The Hekman Libraray has an entire floor and thousands of titles dedicated to theological and biblical studies. The Ministry Resource Center has over 7,500 items to support your work as a student and as an alumni.

Librarian Support

Calvin Seminary provides theologically-trained librarians on-site to offer assistance and support.

David B. Malone

David B. Malone

Dean of University & Seminary Library
Anne Harrison

Anne Harrison

Theological Librarian

The H. Henry Meeter Center

The Meeter Center houses one of the world’s largest collections of materials on John Calvin, Calvinism, the Reformation and early modern studies. The Center, jointly supported by Calvin University and Calvin Theological Seminary, invites you to explore the world of John Calvin and the Reformation. The Center's extensive resources and friendly personnel facilitate research on Calvin's thought and impact in his own time and today.