Paths to Ordination

Part of the work we do at Calvin Seminary is to prepare students for ordination. As the official seminary of the Christian Reformed Church in North American (CRCNA), many students pursue education at Calvin Seminary the goal of being recognized as a Minister of the Word within the CRCNA. Of course many students come to Calvin Seminary from outside of of the CRCNA. Below are ways that Calvin Seminary can help students pursue ordination.

Calvin Seminary MDiv Students Pursuing Ordination in the CRCNA

For over 140 years, Calvin Seminary has been preparing students for future ministry in the Christian Reformed Church. As the official seminary of the denomination, Calvin Seminary's Master of Divinity degree is designed to satisfy all the requirements of the denomination to become a minister of the Word. The Vocational Formation Office assists students pursuing ordination in the CRCNA by serving as a conduit with the denomination. Graduates of the Master of Divinity program will be prepared to pursue ordained ministry in a variety of denominations but, not surprisingly, it is designed to work well within the CRC.

The Ecclesiastical Program for Ministerial Candidacy Program

The Ecclesiastical Program for Ministerial Candidacy (EPMC) is available to those who are currently in or who have completed an MDiv program at another seminary but seek ordination as a Minister of the Word in the CRCNA. This ten-credit program prepares you to meet CRC synodical requirements by giving you an orientation to the theology, history, and ministry of the Christian Reformed Church and by walking with you on the final leg of your ministry formation journey.

Ordination in Other Denominations

With over half of Calvin Seminary students coming from denominations outside the Christian Reformed Church, students pursuing ordination in other denominations will find the clarity and support from the Vocational Formation Office at Calvin Seminary. From finding contextual learning opportunities within the denomination of your calling, to strategizing with an academic advisor on what program and courses would fulfill your denomination's requirements, Calvin Seminary will work closely with you to prepare you for your future ministry.

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