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    The Certificate in Bible Instruction is designed to equip teachers of all grade levels with a strong knowledge base in biblical studies in order to prepare them to teach and instruct on the Bible with competence and accuracy.


    Solid Theology. Excellent Pedagogy.

    Partnerships: Christian Schools International, a respected accreditation and school resource association, has joined with Calvin Theological Seminary to provide premier training for Bible teachers.

    Calvin Seminary is also partnering with Calvin University's Master of Education degree program, an accredited and highly regarded program at our neighboring institution. This partnership agreement allows transfer of the Certificate in Bible Instruction for graduate credit into the M.Ed.’s Curriculum and Instruction concentration, allowing students to combine the Certificate with a Master’s degree.

    Please Note: The Certificate in Bible Instruction program does not lead to a Michigan teaching certificate, teaching certificate renewal, or additional endorsement.

    The Goal: The Certificate in Bible Instruction program will shape a stronger focus and expectation for professional development in Bible instruction at the K–12 level. Bible courses in Christian schools are not only spiritually formational but also serious academic courses of study that lay a strong foundation for a life grounded in faith and service.

    The Program: Through the following courses, this certificate will equip teachers at all grade levels to teach Bible classes steeped in solid theology, excellent pedagogy, and a passion for God’s word.


    Designed with the Bible Teacher in Mind

    In partnership with CSI, the Certificate in Bible Instruction encourages course work to strengthen the Biblical knowledge of a K-12 Bible Teacher. These courses are offered online and planned to work with a teacher's schedule.


    3 Bible Survey

    Prepares leaders in the church to be faithful and effective stewards of the Word by acquainting them with the basic content and principal theme of each book of the Bible; the historical, geographical, and cultural backgrounds to the Bible; its introductory hermeneutical principles; and its continuing relevance.

    1 Biblical Interpretation for Ministry

    An introduction to basic principles for interpreting the Bible in the Reformed tradition. This course initiates the student in the fundamental task of a doing a responsible and relevant interpretation of the biblical text. Thus, the course aims to familiarize us with the indispensable abilities to hear attentively the Word of God and obey it.


    2 Integrating Faith with Pedagogy

    2 Principles and Methods for Effective Bible Teaching

    Biblical Elective (2-3 credits)

    Other Electives4

    Application Requirements and Deadlines

    For the Bible Instruction Certificate Program

    Students interested in a certificate program should apply for admissions. Below are some of the specifics about this process. If you have any questions, the admissions office is here to help!

    Admission Requirements

    The Registrar’s Office, with oversight from the Admissions and Standards Committee, will examine the academic, professional and ministry background of each applicant. If it is determined that an applicant would benefit from further study in a particular area, a learning plan will be developed which could include specific seminary electives or additional courses from another academic institution.

    Non-native in English: Applicants who are non-native in English must submit official TOEFL exam results as a part of their application for admission. A minimum internet-based total score of 80 with a score of 23 in the writing section is required. Use Calvin Theological Seminary's institutional code 1096 to order scores.

    Admission Deadlines

    Use the chart below to find out when your admission materials are due for a particular term. The due dates below are when all materials are due by (the application, recommendations, transcripts, etc). These dates are for both residential and distance hybrid students alike.

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