Visiting Scholars

The Visiting Scholar Program

Calvin Theological Seminary is pleased to offer the Visiting Scholar Program to professors and pastors who would like to spend a study leave of one or more months on campus.

As a visiting scholar, you will have the opportunity to become connected with professors who are experts in their fields, engage with renowned centers and institutes, gain access to the exhaustive resources of the Hekman Library, and experience in-depth classroom learning.

Apply to be a Visiting Scholar

Calvin Seminary accepts applicants from the United States, Canada, and around the world for its Visiting Scholar Program.

Scholars outside the United States should begin the application process for the program no earlier than six months prior to their anticipated arrival in the United States.

  1. Statement of Purpose: Submit a one-page Statement of Purpose to Sarah Chun, Dean of International Students and Scholar Services. The Statement of Purpose should include your official name, birthdate, nationality, exact dates you plan to be in the United States (for scholars outside the United States only), and a brief description of the research you expect to be engaged in during your time at Calvin Seminary.
  2. Letter of Invitation: Upon acceptance, the Dean of International Students and Scholar Services will issue a letter of invitation. For scholars outside of the United States this letter will contain your name, birthdate, nationality, and the exact dates that you plan to be in the United States.
  3. Declaration of Finances (International Scholars Only): Scholars outside of the United States will then be given a Declaration of Finances form to complete. The Declaration of Finances form must be completed and returned no later than two months prior to your intended arrival in the United States.
  4. Visa Application (International Scholars Only) Upon approval, Calvin Seminary will provide scholars outside the United States with the documentation you need to present to a United States consulate or embassy abroad in order to enter the country as a visiting scholar on a J-1 Visa.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a cost for the Visiting Scholar Program?
Calvin Seminary neither charges, nor provides financial assistance to, visiting scholars for participation in the program.
Is housing available for visiting scholars?
Ordinarily, Calvin Seminary is not able to provide housing for visiting scholars, since seminary housing is typically reserved for seminary students. It is possible, however, that an unfurnished student apartment is available and that the Housing Office will allow a visiting scholar to rent that apartment. To find out if this is a possibility, visiting scholars should contact the Housing Director, Tim Bruinsma, at If no such apartment is available, visiting scholars can often find off-campus housing reasonably close to the seminary. Many visiting scholars from South Korea have sought the services of the President of the Korean Student Association to help them find housing in the neighborhood. The name and email address of the association president is available upon request from the International Student Advisor and Associate Dean of Students, Sarah Chun (

For Accepted Visiting Scholars

To ensure library access, visiting scholars should contact the Theological Librarian, Paul Fields (, of the Hekman Library.

Visiting scholars may attend one course per academic term as a visitor (not for credit) during their time at Calvin Seminary. Visiting scholars should contact the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Registrar, Joan Beelen (, to gain the permission before attending class.

Upon arriving to campus for the first time, all visiting scholars should contact the Dean of International Students and Scholar Services, Sarah Chun (

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