Continuing Ed Online Course

Shepherding Hearts for Generosity

Course Description

This online course is designed to provide ministry leaders with tools that will help them to more effectively engage in conversations about money and stewardship in their ministry settings. The course explores biblical and theological perspectives toward money and possessions while also providing practical tools related to financial management.

Materials and resources are organized into four foundational areas of stewardship:

  1. How does my personal history and attitude toward money affect my fundraising?
  2. Where are practical resources that can help me to better understand and manage the finances of my ministry?
  3. What does the Bible really say about money?
  4. How - practically speaking - can I invite my congregation to be more generous?

In short, this course is a deep dive into your personal attitudes and biblical perspectives toward money and fund raising.

The course invites you to examine your spiritual health as it relates to money. We hope that we can help ministry leaders develop confidence in their fund raising and teaching about money.

Course Format

The course is a non-credit lifelong learning course that is delivered online through Calvin Seminary’s Canvas learning management platform. There are no required live video chats, however there are assignments and typed discussion posts that are due on certain dates throughout the course. The time commitment per week is roughly 3 hours, including reading. The 9 week course will run twice in 2020.

Spring Session I: February 3 - April 3, 2020.

Spring Session II: April 13 - June 12


This 9 week course is available for $500. In addition, there are 5 required books for the course, totaling an estimated $80 USD.

Due to a generous grant, the Financial Shalom program of the Christian Reformed Church (CRCNA) will cover $500 cost for the program and for the books for ordained pastors in the CRCNA.

Space is limited, so enrollment will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

Register for the Course

In order to get started, complete the form below to gain access to the course application. For those interested in Spring Session I, please complete the application by January 27, 2020. Space is limited, so registration is limited to the first 10 to sign up for each session.