Stob Lecture Colloquium

Join us on Monday, January 24th for the Stob Lecture Colloquium at 4pm in the Calvin Seminary Chapel or watch online. The Stob Lecture Colloquium will feature an in-depth conversation with Dr. Sujin Pak, who will be reflecting on the future of theological education in a national and international context. The conversation
will be moderated by Dr. Karin Maag, Director of the H. Henry Meeter Center for Calvin Studies, professor of history at Calvin University, and Calvin Theological Seminary part-time professor of church history
and co-director of the ThM program.

Stob Lecture Colloquium 2022 Speaker - Dr. G. Sujin Pak

Sujin Pak is a historian of Christianity who’s an expert in the early modern period, the Protestant Reformation, and the history of biblical interpretation. She is currently the Dean of the School of Theology at Boston University. She has taught courses on the history of Christianity, the Protestant reformers, the history of biblical interpretation, and medieval female mystics. Through publications, lectures, and invited presentations, she has made a significant impact on her field. As a professor, Pak encourages her students to master a variety of perspectives as well as the social contexts where those perspectives emerged. She prizes diversity in her teaching, as well as in her scholarship.

Stob Lecture History

Originally called the “Stob Lectureship”, the Stob Lecture Series was signed into being in 1985 as a collaboration between Calvin University and Calvin Theological Seminary. The annual Stob Lectureship was designed to bring to the campus in either the fall or spring semester of each year an established or promising scholar for the delivery of two “Stob Lectures” to a campus audience consisting of professors, students and other interested persons. The chosen lecturer would have a notable academic reputation in the fields of philosophy, ethics, and/or theology; resonate with the Reformed and Christian perspectives embodied by the life and work of Dr. Henry Stob; and have the ability to communicate effectively to a general audience.