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Theological Librarian, Hekman Library

Hekman Library, serving Calvin Theological Seminary and Calvin College, welcomes applications for a one-year theological librarian that will serve the research, reference, and resources needs of the students and faculty of the seminary and college. Working in a team-focused library, the theological librarian works together with other librarians to develop the library’s theology collection and provide instruction equipping library users to confidently access and use thousands of print and electronic resources through various catalogs, databases, and e-resources.
This is a termed appointment that will end in August 2017.  More information and instructions to apply can be found here.

Calvin Theological Seminary does not discriminate in the employment of individuals on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, disability, gender or age.

In accordance with the Jeanne Cleary Act, all prospective employees of Calvin Seminary may have access to our Annual Safety Report which can be found here and  our Safe and Healthy Community (Title IX) policy which can be found here.