Purpose, Policy, and Procedure

General Procedures of the Calvin Seminary Enews

General Procedures of the Calvin Seminary Enews

What is Enews: The Calvin Seminary E-News is a weekly email, designed to keep the seminary community up-to-date on announcements and upcoming events, while also streamlining general announcements into one weekly-email, instead of multiple emails for each individual announcement. The Calvin Seminary E-News is sent Tuesdays. There are two editions of the E-News on Tuesdays: one for faculty/staff and another for students.

E-News Submission Process:

Announcements should be emailed to Enews. Announcements are due at 8:00 am Tuesday morning (ET).

How to Craft an Announcement:

In addition to the announcement copy, all announcement should include a headline and also note if the message is for Faculty/Staff Enews and/or the Student Enews.

Due to the amount of submissions, announcements should be submitted fully written-out, edited, and ready to copy-and-paste directly into the Enews. This means please do not submit ideas for announcements (ie posters or links of upcoming events) with an expectation they will be turned into posts. Attachments (PDFs, Word Documents, etc) will not be included in Enews. Links to events or Google Drive items are permitted.

Multiple Enews Days or Multiple Announcements:

Each announcement submission to Enews will result in the announcement to appear once in Enews. There will no longer be the option to request for multiple-week announcements. This means if you would like for the announcement to run for multiple weeks, each week you will need to submit the announcement.

Separate events or announcements require separate email submissions. Do not clump multiple, upcoming events into one Enews announcement.

Enews Extras:

Community announcements should only be communicated through the Enews, with the rare exception of an Enews Extra. The criteria for an Enews Extra is:

  • The information can’t be communicated a different way
  • The announcement is important for the whole student body (or the whole faculty/staff)
  • The information is time-sensitive and cannot wait for the next Enews
  • There are major consequences if not communicated.

In short, there must be a reason beyond “I forgot to submit it on time” to justify an extra edition.

Expectations and Assistance:

All Calvin Seminary community members are expected to read the Enews, and will be responsible for information within the Enews. If you have any questions about the Enews, including purpose or procedure, please do not hesitate to contact the Matt Cooke, Director of Communications, or Becky Impellizzeri, Admissions and Communications Assistant.