Calvin Seminary Alumni

You honed your skills for ministry at Calvin seminary, and now you are out in the world doing ministry! We want to be a resource – through lifelong library access, centers and institutes, and continuing education – to hone your skills even farther.

Staying in Touch

Just because you have graduated doesn't mean your connection with Calvin Seminary is done. Below are some ways to stay connected with your seminary home.

Continued Relationships

You developed relationships with faculty, staff, and fellow students during your time at Calvin Seminary. And there were probably many people you didn’t meet with whom you have common hopes, prayers, and challenges. We want to be a hub for new and continued relationships that enrich your life and ministry.

Share Updates and Ideas

We want to serve you in ways not yet imagined – and that’s where you come in! Take a minute to share your contact information, what you’re up to now, and experiences and ideas that will help us serve you.

Events for Alumni

Learning doesn't stop at graduation. Check out our "Life-Long Learning" page for ideas on conferences, courses, or other ways you or someone you know can continue to grow as a ministry leader. In addition, take a peak at the events section below: it is curated with our alumni in mind.

Calvin Seminary Apparel

How can you let your congregation, co-workers, or complete strangers know where you obtained all that incredible biblical and theological knowledge. Through sporting some sweet Calvin Seminary swag, that's how! Visit our online store to check out this seasons best shirts, sweatshirts, hats, bags, stickers, etc.

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The Distinguished Alumni Award

Every year at commencement, the Faculty of Calvin Seminary awards the "Distinguished Alumni Award".

Upcoming Events

Calvin Seminary hosts or co-hosts a number of conferences, lectures, and workshops each year designed to support the work of current ministry practitioners.

  • 26Jul

    CEP 2020 Summer Seminar: The Seven Deadly Sins

    Preachers know that part of their job is to help disciples of Christ Jesus lead faithful lives as citizens of God’s kingdom. To do this well, eventually sermons need to talk about our sins as well as ways to combat such sins and to, as Paul wrote to the Galatians, “keep step with the Spirit.” But how can we keep the focus on grace and on Gospel Good News even when addressing sin and its antidotes? Can we proclaim the Gospel in every sermon even when addressing morality and the shape of the faithful life? The seminar will look at the traditional list of Seven Deadly Sins to ponder not only these besetting sins (and their interconnections) but also how to keep a focus on grace in our preaching even when talking about the need to live as disciples. Continuing education credits are available. Leaders: Cornelius Plantinga, Jr., Calvin Theological Seminary President Emeritus, Senior Research Fellow, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Scott Hoezee, Calvin Theological Seminary Professor of Preaching, Director of the Center for Excellence in Preaching. Funds provided by the Center for Excellence in Preaching (CEP) at Calvin Theological Seminary

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  • 23Aug

    International Student Orientation 2020

    Calvin Seminary welcomes new, residential students to campus coming from outside of North America.

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  • 30Aug

    Gateway to Seminary 2020

    For new, residential students, Gateway is time where new students obtain new knowledge about their new seminary home, while also meeting and connecting with there incoming cohort. This week-long orientation is for all incoming, degree seeking students.

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  • 09Sep

    Opening Convocation 2020

    The official start of the new academic year: the Convocation 2020 service marks the beginning of the 145th academic school year at Calvin Seminary.

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Calvin Seminary Alumni Updates and Stories:

  • Alumni Adams Shares New Book "Gospel in a Handshake"

    In late January, Calvin Seminary celebrated the launch of a new book by pastor and Calvin Seminary alum Kevin Adams. In the book, The Gospel...

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