February: An Exciting Month at Calvin Seminary!


A number of exciting events involving students, faculty, staff, have taken place at Calvin Seminary recently.

On February 11, the women of the Seminary gathered at Watermark Country Club for an event hosted by Spouse and Family Ministry. This event featured a catered dinner and provided an opportunity for faculty, staff, students, and spouses to eat and fellowship together. Jackie Medenblik, wife of President Jul Medenblik, spoke to those who gathered about her faith and life journey and the ways in which God led her family from Florida, to Calvin Seminary, then to Illinois, and eventually back to the Seminary. The event was well received by those who attended and attendees left with a bookmark engraved with Jeremiah 29:11: “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord.”

The day after the event at the Watermark, the Chinese Student Club hosted the Seminary community at an event celebrating the new year. Through the event, Chinese students shared their New Year’s traditions — including a large amount of tasty food, like hard-boiled eggs soaked in tea or soy sauce, sweets made of rice flour with bean paste or raisins, and many, many dumplings. After the meal, students shared the history of the New Year celebrations and how people in China celebrate with parades, feasts, and fireworks. To conclude the night, Chinese students explained “Lantern Riddles,” a game where the goal is to guess the answers to posted riddles. Attendees played an adapted version of the game with biblical riddles. Yan Pian, a first year Chinese student, reflected that “The reason why we held the event was to show our gratefulness to our seminary and community.  We appreciate that the community has given us, the Chinese students, so much love, care and help and we wished the community could learn more about China and traditional Chinese culture and customs.”

February 20 ushered in the annual Medenblik Stick event hosted by the Student Senate Fellowship Committee. Seminary community members skated and drank hot chocolate together at a local ice rink. During the open skate, many students who had never skated before took the opportunity to try something new and learn to skate. Afterwards, students, as well as a few staff members, donned the seminary hockey jerseys (maroon for the Elders, gold for the Deacons) for the annual hockey showdown. The hockey game followed and during four periods (one more than the average hockey game!) the Deacons put forward a valiant effort, but the Elders took the game — 13-8.