Missional Reading of Scripture


Over the past century a number of scholars have recognized that mission is not simply a peripheral theme in the biblical story. Rather, it is a central thread in the biblical writings and central to the identity of the church. Thus, a missional hermeneutic is a way of reading Scripture in which mission is a central interpretive key that unlocks the whole narrative of Scripture. It does not simply study the theme of mission but reads the whole of the biblical canon with mission as one of its central themes. This conference will explore what it might mean to read both the Old Testament and the New Testament with a missional hermeneutic, and what that might mean for missional praxis of the church, specifically preaching, theological education, and the life of the local congregation.


Chris Wright

Christopher J.H. Wright

A Missional Reading of the Old Testament

Chris Wright (Ph.D. Cambridge) is International Ministries Director of the Langham Partnership, a group of ministries founded by John Stott to provide evangelical theological education throughout the Majority World. He was Chair of the Lausanne Theology Working Group and was chief architect of the The Cape Town Commitment—the Statement of the Third Lausanne Congress (2010). His publications include The Mission of God (2006), Salvation Belongs to Our God (2007), The God I Don’t Understand (2008), and The Mission of God’s People (2010). Chris is married to Liz and together they have four adult children and seven grandchildren.
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Guder_Darrell_IMG_2561_KSDarrell L. Guder  

A Missional Reading of Scripture and Theological Education

Darrell Guder (Ph.D. Hamburg) is Henry Winters Luce Professor of Missional and Ecumenical Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton where he also served as Dean for five years. His publications include Be My Witnesses (1983, 2003), Missional Church: A Vision for the Sending of the Church in North America with others (1998), The Continuing Conversion of the Church (2000), and The Incarnation and The Church’s Witness (2000). Darrell is married to Judith and have a merged family of five adult children and six grandchildren.
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Goheen Michael (c)Michael W. Goheen 

A Missional Reading of Scripture and Preaching

Mike Goheen (Ph.D. Utrecht) is Professor of Missional Theology, Newbigin House of Studies, San Francisco and Jake and Betsy Tuls Professor of Missiology, Calvin Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids. He is also Minister of Preaching at New West Christian Reformed Church, Burnaby, B.C. His publications include Drama of Scripture (2005) and Living at the Crossroads (2008) both with Craig Bartholomew, and A Light to the Nations (2011). Mike is married to Marnie and together they have four adult children and six grandchildren.
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NT WrightN.T. Wright 

A Missional Reading of the New Testament

Tom Wright (D.D., D.Phil. Oxford) is Research Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at University of St. Andrews. Previously he was Bishop of Durham for seven years. His publications include the four volume series Christian Origins and the Question of God: The New Testament and the People of God (1992), Jesus and the Victory of God (1996), The Resurrection of the Son of God (2003), and Paul and the Faithfulness of God (2013). Tom is married to Margaret and together they have four adult children and four grandchildren.
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Plenary Panel Discussion 

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Church for the Thriving of the World: Preaching Deuteronomy Missionally

Mark GlanvilleMark Glanville
Lead Pastor, Willoughby Christian Reformed Church, and PhD candidate in Old Testament working on a dissertation on Deuteronomy
The book of Deuteronomy mobilizes the church in 2013 to live with gratitude and generosity for the sake of the world. Reading the Bible missionally
includes attending to Biblical ethics and also seeing how these biblical ethics are embedded in theology to shape a display people before the world.
This session will discuss how Deuteronomy gives a pattern for a community in which every person can thrive ­ especially the most vulnerable. We will explore how Deuteronomy can shape the church as a contrast people today. You will come away with a preaching series outline.
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Pastoring People unto Life: Implications of a Missional Hermeneutic for the Local Congregation

staff-tyler222Tyler Johnson
Lead Pastor of Redemption Churches, Co-Founder and Co-Director of Surge Network, Phoenix

Chris GonzalezChris Gonzalez
Lead Pastor of Missio Dei Communities, Tempe, Co-Founder and Co-Director of Surge Network, Phoenix
How does a missional reading of Scripture shape the local congregation? Tyler Johnson and Chris Gonzalez have been intentionally working out the implications of a missional hermeneutic in a number of areas in their leadership of their local congregations and of a network of churches in the Phoenix area. They will share their journey in reflecting on the difference a missional hermeneutic makes for various aspects of congregational life like theological training, discipleship, preaching, and leadership training.
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J.H. Bavinck’s Missional Reading of Scripture

GayleGayle Doornbos
Th.D Candidate in Systematic Theology at Wycliffe College and Director, Arise Program at Wycliffe College

In this workshop we will unpack J. H. Bavinck’s missional hermeneutic as well as the implications of Bavinck’s missional reading of scripture for the church, with a particular focus on church planting and renewal.

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Missional, Christ-Centered, or Gospel-Centered Preaching ­ What’s the Difference?

TimTim Sheridan
Lead Pastor, Maple Ridge Christian Reformed Church

In this workshop, we’ll be comparing and contrasting “Christ-Centered Preaching” (Bryan Chapell, Sidney Greidanus) with “Gospel-Centered Preaching” (Tim Keller) with “Missional Preaching.”  What does a missional reading of Scripture contribute to the way we preach Christ and preach the Gospel?

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Missional Liturgy: Remembering and Rehearsing the True Story of the World

Scot (1)Scot Sherman
Director, Newbigin House of Studies, and Teaching Pastor, City Church San Francisco
What are the implications of a missional hermeneutic for the church’s worship? This workshop will explore 2 crucial aspects of worship rightly shaped by scripture; first, such worship will be provocative and comprehensible for people who are not believers; second, it will be ‘thick’ enough to challenge and shape the church for mission. The missionary insights of Lesslie Newbigin will be considered, alongside contemporary examples of missional churches in urban/secular contexts.
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Fundamental Turns toward a Missional Hermeneutic

George HunsbergerGeorge Hunsberger
Professor of Missiology, Western Theological Seminary
If a church knows itself to be “a body of people sent on a mission,” then its engagement with the Bible is turned on its head. Traditional “bible study” and critical literary-historical method, helpful as they are on many points, are not sufficient for a transformational encounter with the scriptures. A missional hermeneutic is brewing and taking shape that opens a fresh path. This workshop will explore the development of this approach to reading the Bible and its implications for the church.
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Reading and Preaching the Psalms Missionally

cbosmaCarl Bosma
Associate Professor of Old Testament and Director of Institute for Global Church Planting and Renewal,
Calvin Theological Seminary

The Psalter is replete with language and images that orient Israel to their vitally important task of being God’s showcase to the nations. This seminar will outline 10 basic theological themes that serve as the basis for a missional reading of the Psalter. Moreover it will illustrate such a nissional reading on the basis of Psalms 67, 96 and 100.
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Missional Spirituality

Chuck DeGroatChuck DeGroat
Associate Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling, Western Theological Seminary, Co-Founder/Senior Fellow, Newbigin House of Studies, San Francisco
Henri Nouwen once said that in order to convey to others that they are God’s beloved we must first know that we are beloved by God.  Indeed, the people
of God are made in the image of the Trinity – to bless and to be blessed, to give and to receive, to love others and to become the beloved of God.  This
dynamic interplay reminds us that a theology of mission is insufficient if it is an imperative without an indicative.  In this seminar, Dr. Chuck DeGroat (a pastor with 15 years of experience of pastoral ministry in the area of counseling and spiritual formation) will share his experience of leading the church into a deep and rich missional spirituality, highlighting the liturgical life of the church as well as conveying practical implications for preaching, pastoral care, and overall programming.
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Missional Plurality: A Hermeneutic of Christian Witness

Franke 2John Frank
Coordinator, The Gospel and Our Culture Network
Theological diversity in the church is often viewed as a problem to be overcome. This workshop will suggest that the proper expression of biblical and orthodox Christian faith is inherently and irreducibly pluralist and that such plurality is part of the divine design and intention for the church. As such, plurality is an essential component of Christian mission and witness. In addition to examining this thesis, the workshop will also explore its practical implications for the life and ministry of the church.
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