Facing Your Future

Facing Your Future is a program for high school finishing grades 11 or 12 to explore where God is calling them next.

fyf-logo_smallFYF encourages students to grow theologically, vocationally, spiritually, and relationally. Our three week program is split into two segments: Grand Rapids, Michigan, and one of three excursion sites around North America. Here, students will grow in their knowledge of who God is and how God is working in the world. Students will explore how God might be calling them to work in his world. They will grow closer in their relationship to God, and closer in relationship to a diverse group of high school students, seminarians, and pastors from around North America (and beyond!)

“Last summer I went on the program for three weeks called Facing Your
Future. This program not only strengthened and deepened my faith, but
I also met 36 of the most amazing people ever. They are my support and
prayer group and I still keep in contact with them to this day. If you
want to be challenged and discover more about your relationship with
God and his plans for you and if you are finishing either grade 11 or
12, this is a program absolutely worth considering.”

-Recent FYF participant.

Program Details
The Facing Your Future program is an imaginative exploration of ministry and life’s biggest issues with outstanding high school students and leading seminary and college professors.Students stay on Calvin’s campus where the lodging, dining, learning, and recreational resources are provided. For the first several days, students explore big questions, such as:Is peace on earth possible?
What about peace in the church?
Can racial reconciliation occur in urban ministry?
How does a good God allow suffering and natural disasters?
Can truth be found in Islam?Upon completing the first segment of the program, students will head to their excursion site. These next 10 days immerse the student in the life and ministry of a new community, helping to connect theological reflection with contextual ministry experience. At these sites you’ll explore some of the “real life” experiences of ministry; your hands will get dirty, your mind stretched, and your heart filled! Some places we have gone previously: Toronto, ON; Patterson, NJ; Portland, OR; Chicago, IL; Salt Lake City, UT; Austin, TX; and many more places! All expenses related to the excursion site – travel, housing, food, etc – are covered by FYF.
Excursion Sites
Summer 2015 excursion sites are:

Salt Lake City, Utah

Austin, Texas

Austin, TX is one of the fastest-growing, leading-edge urban centers in the country, and home to one of the most unique churches in the CRC, as well – Sunrise Community Church. Here students will learn from a multi-ethnic, multi-class, urban church based on the missional community model.
Students will walk side-by-side in ministry for ten days with Sunrise’s pastor and interns, be part of a mentoring tree, work with the homeless, and compare Sunrise with The Austin Stone, a large multi-site megachurch built on similar principles.

Roseland (Chicago), Illinois

Check here soon for more information about each site!

FYF is open to students who meet the following qualifications:

  • Program is open to students who are in grades 11 or 12 at the time of nomination.
  • Students must be a baptized or professing member of a Christian Church.
  • Students must be nominated by a pastor, youth leader, high school administrator, or Bible teacher.
  • The participation fee for the program is $500 USD, due at the time of acceptance into the program. The student is also responsible for travel costs to and from their home to Grand Rapids. The fee can be paid on-line here.

Nominees must:

  • Have a demonstrated involvement in the life and ministry of the church.
  • Possess the character and qualities for Christian leadership
  • Demonstrate a well-rounded involvement in their community.
  • Have a GPA of 3.25 (85%) or higher.
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  • February 23 - Applications Due
  • March 6 - Notification of final decision sent to all applicants by email
  • July 8 – FYF Begins at Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids Michigan
  • July 9-18 – Grand Rapids segment
  • July 19 – 27 – Excursion site segment
  • July 28-29 – Return to Grand Rapids and wrap up
  • July 29 – Depart for home
Contact Us
Send an email to fyf@calvinseminary.edu. You can also call our office at 616-957-7154. We would love to meet with you or your youth leader to answer your questions and provide more info!