Book Review: Ferguson and Faith by Chadd Huizenga

It would be nice if a review on a book about the events in Ferguson Missouri, which unfolded over a year ago, would be not be needed.  Sadly, it is obvious that the events of Ferguson were not … [Read more...]

Living as One Body by Kelli Sexton

In the past year there has been a renewal in the conversation about the experiences of women at the seminary. Last spring just over two dozen women participated in study groups to share their stories. … [Read more...]

Student Senate Update by Brian Tarpy

Bees are industrious creatures. They quietly go about their short lives pollinating flowers and making honey. While we may not pay much attention to these little creatures, they provide a fundamental … [Read more...]

The Work of the Father, Done by His Daughters by Erin Zoutendam

I did not go to seminary expecting to inherit a cause. No, I went to add some letters behind my name, learn a little Hebrew, and return to editing, a quiet job where I spend most of my time … [Read more...]

Pitch Black by Ricardo Tavárez

Have you ever considered the sound of darkness? Perhaps that is an odd question for you. Usually darkness is associated with color, not sound. Actually, darkness doesn’t really have a color. Darkness … [Read more...]