The Next Big Step by Kenneth Zeiger

Someone mentioned to me recently that the greatest evangelical tool we have is the testimony of our changed lives. I decidedly disagree. Sure, my life has changed since I became a Christian, but that … [Read more...]

God’s Work in My Seminary Life by Brian Hofman

How has God formed me during my time at CTS? Before I answer, I have to admit that I don’t think about this question as often as I should. Throughout my time at CTS, I’ve been focused on my own work … [Read more...]

Billboards by Kelli Sexton

I have talked with quite a few pastors who from a very early age knew, with quite a lot of certainty, that they wanted to be pastors when they grew up. There are even more pastors who found that … [Read more...]

The Word of Our Testimony by R.R. Tavárez

It has been a distinct pleasure to serve the Kerux this academic year. This year I joined the editing team as the Formatting Specialist. The what? Basically, I am the person in charge of the photos, … [Read more...]

Upon this Hill by Grant Hofman

We stood overlooking a craggy, yet serene countryside that embraced the Sea of Galilee at its border. The slope is known as הר האושר (har ha-osher) or the Mount of Beatitudes, traditionally considered … [Read more...]