In Absentia

I am graduating from CTS this semester.  So, I received the following CTS email notification: “Commencement participation is required of all graduates.  If you have a special circumstance, you must apply to graduate in absentia.”  First, I was surprised that a function, which is nothing more than mere pageantry, … Continue readingIn Absentia

Analyzed by Augustine

I found it particularly amusing when, during my time in seminary, I was asked to write an analysis on Augustine.  It seemed a little presumptuous to think I could analyze anything written by Augustine, even after an undergraduate from Calvin College and a nearly complete … Continue readingAnalyzed by Augustine

New Toastmasters President

Recently Calvin Seminary Toastmaster’s club confirmed Bradley Diekema as its new President. Diekema takes over from Toastmaster’s veteran Hannah Smele who will be graduating with an M.Div this year. Brad is excited to continue growing in his mastery of toasts and hopes you will join him … Continue readingNew Toastmasters President

My Experience at CTS

After being asked to write about my experience at Calvin, a joke kept coming to mind. “A Calvinist was walking down the stairs. They tripped, tumbled down and broke their arm. Afterwards they got up and said, ‘Well that’s over with.’” Besides being satirical, it … Continue readingMy Experience at CTS