Spouse and Family Ministries

Spouse and Family Ministries/ Pottery Painting Night   The Spouse and Family Ministries team has been meeting over the past few months.  The purpose of this ministry is to connect spouses … [Read more...]

World Religions by Kenneth “KJ” Van Ek

A lot of my first-year friends tested out of it. I even thought about testing out of it. I know enough about World Religions, I thought. I've seen the News and plenty of funny culture-clash movies, so … [Read more...]

“Global Conversations” – Imbalanced

“Global Conversations” - Imbalanced A few weeks ago we hauled a piano into our house.  There were five of us – two on one end and three on the other. Imagine a sixth guy joining the three – and then … [Read more...]

In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight: If you see these people around, introduce yourself. If you already know them, tell them how lovely they looked in the Kerux!   Student Spotlight: Rhonda Workman The … [Read more...]