Hispanic Ministry to the Community- Professor Mariano Avila


On Monday nights, from 7:45pm until 9:00pm, there is a Hispanic Ministry Course offered here at CTS.  The Kerux contacted Professor Mariano Avila, the course instructor, to hear more about this great … [Read more...]

The Renewal Lab

the renewal lab

During this past reading break, from Wednesday to Saturday, representatives from several churches gathered at CTS to take part in the church Renewal Lab. The Renewal Lab was also available for … [Read more...]

Safety and Security at Englewood/Batchawana

security mtg 2

Safety and Security at Englewood/ Batchawana On Tuesday, October 8th, Batchawana and Englewood Housing residents met in the Seminary Auditorium for a Safety and Security Meeting.  In attendance … [Read more...]

Chapel Worship at CTS

Calvin Seminary Chapel

Chapel Worship at CTS   This is a picture of what our chapel service looked like on Wednesday, September 25, 2013, during our closing song.  The KERUX decided to contact Professor Howard … [Read more...]

Symbols Help Us Think Different

accessible parking 1

Symbols Help Us Think Different Rev. Mark Stephenson, Director of CRC Disability Concerns     Imagine that Faith, who has gluten intolerance, visits a church that is serving … [Read more...]