Editorial: Volume 47.2 (19/Sept/2012—MK)

They were a strange lot. An elf, a dwarf, a Gondorian, a ranger, four hobbits, and a wizard, gathered from the free people of Middle Earth. They were gathered for a purpose, a mission, and had it not … [Read more...]

All Seminary Picnic

by Matthew Koh, editor-in-chief Every weather forecast predicted rain on the evening of Wednesday, the 5th of September. That whole day, eyes were cast to the sky, every grey cloud hanging … [Read more...]

A Message from the Associate Dean of Students

A warm welcome to all the new students, as well as the returning students, to CTS. I’d like to express my deep appreciation for the warm reception I’ve received since joining CTS as the Associate Dean … [Read more...]

A Message from the Director of Mentored Ministries

In an age of constant change, in a seminary of constant change, some things don’t change. Back in the Middle Ages when I was a student at Calvin Seminary, in the day of typewriters and mimeograph … [Read more...]

Facing Your Future And Gateway 2012

Jessica Driesenga is in her fourth year of the M.Div. program at CTS. She is currently the director of FYF and was also influential in planning and executing portions of Gateway this year. She sat … [Read more...]