My Experience with CPE by Trent Elders

Last year I had no idea what CPE was;  all I knew was that seminary people liked to throw around that three letter acronym. It wasn't until I became very interested in pastoral care through Rev. Ron … [Read more...]

Space to Wonder by Amanda Hays

I followed the others into the conference room with a tight knot in my stomach. This was the room at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services where the CPE students and supervisors would meet for … [Read more...]

Book Review: Shades of White Flight by Ronald Hunsucker

When we think about “white flight” what do we imagine? Do we simply imagine white people leaving a community? Or do we consider dilapidated housing in segregated neighborhoods? Do we see the economic … [Read more...]

North Philly Needs Something by Grant Hofman

North-Philadelphia-born rap artist, PnB Rock, glimpses some of the unforgiving urban realities that face North Philly in his song, “My City Needs Something.” Rock depicts for us the harsher side of … [Read more...]

In the Beginning: A Poem by Kizzy Thomas

In the beginning God created “something” from nothingness; gave shape to what was formless. Said, “let there be light” and so spoke light into the darkness. He scooped down into the dust of the … [Read more...]