The Daily Struggle of Formation by Jason Ruis

At the end of this past summer, I found myself at a picnic bench having an interesting conversation with one of the student leaders from my youth ministry. We talked about the retreats she attended … [Read more...]

The Kerux’s Role in Diversity: Thoughts from a Prior Editor

I have often said that one could get through an entire three or four year curriculum here at CTS, without ever really engaging someone of another race beyond a passing “Hello.” I found that … [Read more...]

A Thought on the Qualification of Participation in the Lord’s Supper

by Reita Yazawa. Ph.D. Student  At one workshop I attended during Worship Symposium in January, one participant shared her question with us. Her church has started basic English worship for those who … [Read more...]

With Truth and Grace: A Christmas Appreciation of Calvinism

by Dylan Pahman, ’12 M.T.S. Introduction: Joy to the (Calvinist) World  Outside of Reformed circles, Calvinism is often a dirty word. In popular theology it can connote a borderline fatalism and a … [Read more...]

The Seminarian: Swordsmith, Wordsmith, Aerosmith?

by Greg Vander Horn, M.Div. “You’re gonna do what? You’ll make a great pastor!” I heard that a lot when I started here at Calvin Seminary, but at the beginning of my time here in school, my old self … [Read more...]