Faculty Spotlight: Sarah Schreiber

What brought you to Calvin Sem? God brought me here both times. I completed my MDiv at CTS and was eager to return as faculty when the opportunity arose. I am thankful to be a part of Reformed … [Read more...]

Student Senate: Hospitality Committee Update

The Student Senate ad-hoc Hospitality Committee was formed this year to meet the needs of the international student body at Calvin Sem. When we began, we thought that the needs would be mostly … [Read more...]

Recap of Recent Events

It is very unlikely that, over the last fews months, you have not heard the words and phrases “Ferguson,” “Hands up, don’t shoot!” “I can’t breathe!” “Grand Jury Indictment,” and the names Michael … [Read more...]

CTS Table Hockey Championship 2014

The CTS Table Hockey League crowned a repeat champion this season, as Stanley’s Cup fought off the competition for a second title. In the Cup Finals, Anthony Vander Laan’s squad battled the top … [Read more...]

Faculty Spotlight: Prof. Amanda Benckhuysen

This year we are excited to welcome to Calvin Seminary 3 new professors: Amanda Benckhuysen, Danjuma Gibson, and Sarah Schreiber.   To help you get to know them, we’d like to spotlight each in a … [Read more...]