The Word of Our Testimony

It has been a distinct pleasure to serve the Kerux this academic year. This year I joined the editing team as the Formatting Specialist. The what? Basically, I am the person in charge of the photos, graphics and the artistic direction of this magazine. One … Continue readingThe Word of Our Testimony

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Stress and Faith Formation

Stress can really bring students down. Especially when there are graduation plans, paying attention to calls from churches, PhD applications, and  staying in touch with the Calvin Theological Seminary Registrars office. Yeah, that’s exciting, but stressful. What happens to the ongoing faith formation? For students who … Continue readingStress and Faith Formation

Kerux Editors on Diversity

When we as an editing team first discussed our sense of a timely and meaningful theme for the January edition of the Kerux, diversity was a topic we kept returning to. We had some initial misgivings about the theme because of the ambiguous and misleading … Continue readingKerux Editors on Diversity

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