Student Thoughts on Marriage and Singleness

Paula Seales: “Relationships often find you when you least expect rather than you finding relationships.  That's my single, inner Christian voice speaking in response to silent but questioning minds … [Read more...]

Student Senate Update 2014

Greetings from Student Senate! I would normally start off an article like this with a quip about ‘How busy the year has been’ or ‘My hasn’t time flown’, but that would likely fall on deaf ears; life … [Read more...]

Marriage and Singleness at CTS

Single or married: these are the two fundamental relationship states in which we usually find ourselves. In between we may have dating or relationships that aren’t marriage but can , in some ways,, … [Read more...]

New Kerux Edition Next Week!

Keep your eyes open for the Kerux appearing on a Student Center table near you. Don't forget to bookmark this website so as to stay updated on all of the Kerux's articles and discussions. … [Read more...]

Spouse and Family Ministries

pottery night 2

Spouse and Family Ministries/ Pottery Painting Night   The Spouse and Family Ministries team has been meeting over the past few months.  The purpose of this ministry is to connect spouses … [Read more...]