The Kerux’s Role in Diversity: Thoughts from a Prior Editor

I have often said that one could get through an entire three or four year curriculum here at CTS, without ever really engaging someone of another race beyond a passing “Hello.” I found that … [Read more...]

The Korean Student Association and Its Role at CTS

The Korean Student Association (KSA) is composed of Korean students and student families at Calvin Theological Seminary who are trying to help and support each other in the Korean student community. … [Read more...]

“Radical Depravity” Excerpts

Pastor Dave Beelen of Madison Square CRC who recently taught Theological Education for Formation in Ministry to many first year students wrote an article titled, “Radical Depravity.” In this article, … [Read more...]

A Call for Hospitality

It’s uncomfortable at times to talk with and get to know someone who is different from yourself. It is easiest to remain within your own culture, age, race, or nationality. Even though we would never … [Read more...]

Student Senate: Hospitality Committee Update

The Student Senate ad-hoc Hospitality Committee was formed this year to meet the needs of the international student body at Calvin Sem. When we began, we thought that the needs would be mostly … [Read more...]