Archives for December 2015

An Open Letter to Calvin Seminary by Ronald Hunsucker

An important shift is being made about the study of theological education as regards hospitality. The shift is to a person centered and holistic education. When we think about it and the role of … [Read more...]

Reflections on Renewal by Kendall Everett

I was hired for a unique job at Hope CRC: Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator. I didn’t know what all that would entail, but I knew it involved being a part of the neighborhood youth program. I met with … [Read more...]

Confrontation as Spiritual Discipline by Christianne Zeiger

When I was 20 years old, I became involved in several areas of ministry at my church. My pride flourished over all the good things I was doing for the Body of Christ; yet hypocritically, I was leading … [Read more...]

Rhythms of Repentance, Lament, and New Life: Partnering with Women in Ministry by Grant Hofman

Our seminary has recently taken some crucial steps toward illuminating whether or not the seminary is a safe and healthy environment for our female students: focus groups to bring forward the … [Read more...]

Book Review: Ferguson and Faith by Chadd Huizenga

It would be nice if a review on a book about the events in Ferguson Missouri, which unfolded over a year ago, would be not be needed.  Sadly, it is obvious that the events of Ferguson were not … [Read more...]