Archives for March 2015

Testimony: Call Stories at CTS – Staff Article

Through the conversations leading to and following both editions of the Kerux this academic year, we have been further convicted of the importance of those in the CTS community listening to and … [Read more...]

Ministry in Ethiopia – A Call Story

My name is Fikre H. Norcha and I am an Ethiopian. I grew up in South West Ethiopia in a strict Coptic Orthodox family. My father was a part-time Coptic Orthodox Church priest and influenced the family … [Read more...]

Senate Elections: What??

You may or may not realize that Student Senate elections have been postponed. You may or may not know that they have been postponed because of a lack of nominations for the senate positions. Due to … [Read more...]

Social Media and Proclaiming the Gospel

I need first to state the obvious: social media is a tool. Social media is a tool that is often used poorly, and social media is a tool that lends itself to misuse by nature of its ease of access. … [Read more...]

(Int)entional Conversations: Senate Hospitality Update

If you heard peals of laughter coming from the upstairs classrooms on the Friday before Reading Week, it was probably the international discussion group.  The group is hosted by Student Senate’s … [Read more...]