Awarding Information

It may be helpful to know the timeline of the scholarship awarding process at Calvin Seminary when deciding how to structure your own awarding.

When students are admitted to a degree program at CTS, they are given a preliminary award commitment. This award is based on their GPA, recommendations and vocational interests. The scholarship committee meets in late March to match specific awards to each students in order to fulfill that initial commitment. We then see if we can do more. The level of funding that we give to a student in year one is maintained for the length of their program. This allows students to not only budget for year one, but for their entire program.  Awards are communicated to students in early April. If a student is admitted after March 1, they are considered in our second round of awards in June.  Classis should notify students as early as possible of their award.

Students are required to have their accounts paid or a payment plan in place by the end of September for fall semester and the end of February for spring. If their accounts are not current, they are not allowed to register for the next semester.  It is very important that classical funds be made available to students in order to meet these deadlines.

Calvin Theological Seminary does not take classical aid into consideration when making scholarship awards. In other words, we make our awards without knowing what level of support a classis is giving. We do not lower a students institutional funding because they receive classical aid.

If you are a classis that does not offer financial support to women seeking ordained ministry in the CRCNA, please direct these students to the financial aid office at CTS –