George Marsden Interview Video – March 2019

Thanks to all of those who attended the George Marsden Interview. For those who were not able to attend, we invite you to watch the conversation in its entirety below. A special thanks to George Marsden and James Bratt for this engaging conversation.

George Marsden Interview — 3/27/19 from Calvin Theological Seminary on Vimeo.

March 27 | 3:30 pm | Calvin Seminary Auditorium

George Marsden, Distinguished Scholar in the History of Christianity at Calvin Seminary

In honor of George Marsden’s 80th birthday, Calvin Seminary is hosting an interview. Marsden is the Professor of History Emeritus at Notre Dame and the Distinguished Scholar in the History of Christianity here at Calvin Seminary.

James Bratt, Professor of History emeritus at Calvin College and adjunct professor at Calvin Seminary, will interview George about what he has learned during a half century studying American religious history and what issues are most significant today in the field of American religious history.