The Jen Family Recognized at Annual Scholarship Dinner

“You can see the fruit of your generosity.” – a Calvin Seminary Student reflecting on the impact of the Jen Family Scholarship.

At this year’s annual Calvin Seminary Scholarship Dinner, Calvin Seminary students, faculty, staff, and donors came together to celebrate the shared work of Calvin Seminary – to equip men and women to cultivate communities of disciples. This event is an important marker in the Calvin Seminary calendar: it provides a place for Calvin Seminary students and donors to meet and share what God is doing in their work.  With close to $1.5 million in scholarship support each year, the generous support of Calvin Seminary’s donor-base allows for the mission of Calvin Seminary to continue.

A noteworthy aspect of this year’s scholarship dinner was the presentation of the Legacy Award.  This award, given every other year,  recognizes a donor – an individual, couple or family – that has been instrumental to the work of the seminary, typically over a long period of time. This year’s recognized donor was the Jen Family. The family’s interest in supporting ministry leadership stems from Reverend Isaac Jen, whose gospel message was broadcasted throughout mainland China in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Today the Jen Family Scholarship supports students from China studying to grow in theological knowledge and ministry skills.  This scholarship, started by Rev. Jen and his wife, now continues on and is supported by the Jen’s children and grand-children.

This event is also about the stories of students.  Three Calvin Seminary students shared their stories of what Calvin Seminary and the support of their donors has meant to them.  Their stories shared a common theme of overcoming pain, confusion, and fear to move forward in God’s calling in their life.  Scholarship funding has played a significant role in supporting students towards their calling.

We invite you to watch the video below, first shown at the Scholarship Dinner to honor the Jen Family and their contribution to the work of Calvin Seminary.


Jen Family Scholarship Video from Calvin Theological Seminary on Vimeo.