Professor Michael Williams on Podcast to Discuss New Book “Hidden Prophets of the Bible”.

Professor Michael Williams appeared recently on The Shaun Tabatt Show to talk about his new book “Hidden Prophets of the Bible”.

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From the episode page:

 From an expert on Bible translation and interpretation comes a revealing look at the Minor Prophets. Michael Williams, PhD, takes readers on a journey from Hosea to Malachi, uncovering significant messages about Jesus and the gospel.

Making these often overlooked books accessible, Williams gives insight into each of the minor prophets, exploring

  • Little-known facts about the prophet
  • The gospel according to the prophet
  • Why the prophet should matter to readers

Though the Minor Prophets of the Old Testament may seem obscure, readers will discover the significance that lies within these short books and how the relevance of these books will help grow their faith. Questions prompt readers to reflect on what each prophet’s message means for their own faith.